Few places that I have raced over the years are as rocky and challenging to ride as the location of the 2017 Offroad Cup.  I participated in the event in 2016 but the course didn't seem to get nearly as beat up as the event did this year.  As far as rock races go, it ranks in the top three rockiest events that I have done.  

1. 2007 WEC Hancock, NY.

2. 2008 Foggy Mountain National Enduro, Blain, PA.

3. 2017 Offroad Cup, Wyandotte, OK.

At the 2016 event, promoter Steve Leivan went on and on at the rider's meeting about how sketchy the course would be during the opening laps but I disregarded his suggestion and proceeded to crash three times on the opening lap.  For the 2017 event, I knew that I was starting for the team that I was on and I wanted to wear a GoPro because I thought that there would be some carnage to capture.  I got the holeshot and was the first rider into the woods but you have to understand that the course is completely covered in leaves on the first lap and it's extremely hard to push the pace.  I settled into what I would consider to be a trail riding pace as I knew that there was a long day of racing ahead and that throwing it away at high speed in the rocks would likely ruin a radiator, collarbone, or rip a brake pedal off.  I typically don't enjoy really long GoPro videos so I have noted a couple of time codes so that you can fast forward to some interesting moments on the opening lap.  

5:15 (Rider hits tree)

6:50 (Rider hits tree)

8:00 (Near collision with another pro class rider)

The team that I was on with Drew Higgins and Steve Leivan finished second overall to a very strong HBGP Team.  I always enjoy racing with Drew and Steve and enjoyed having my dad back in the pits with me over the weekend.

Results can be viewed here: